RingLeader Conference Bridge User Functionalities

RingLeader Conference Bridge User Functionalities

The following are instructions on moderator/participant functions while in a RingLeader Conference call.

After entering conference passcode, enter the control menu by pressing '*'(star).

If you join conference as a user, following options are available (press needed button after hearing announcement of right after pressing '*'):
1: Mute or unmute yourself
2 or 3: Decrease or increase your talking volume
5 or 6: Decrease or increase the conference volume
*: Exit menu

If you're moderator of the conference, you will be able to:
1: Mute/unmute yourself
2: Decrease your talking volume
3: Increase your talking volume
4: Eject the last entered user
5: Decrease the conference volume
6: Increase the conference volume
7: Lock/unlock the conference
0: Enter Moderator sub-menu
*: Exit menu

Moderator sub-menu (you should press 0 (zero), '*0' starting from entering menu):
1: Mute or unmute all users (which are not moderators)
2: Listen to participants count
4: To eject all users
* Exit sub menu

When user listens to menu announcements, he/she won't be able to listen to conference participants.
After your action you will hear acknowledge prompt with short description of what was done.